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Price position – time to reassess in a fragmented market

Retail is probably the most fragmented, fiercely competitive market there is. Only one player can be cheapest at any time. The market often being oversaturated, with players striving to balance offering value to customers while protecting their profit margins. As value-driven retail concepts continue to gain ground in the food and non-food sectors, it's crucial to assess how effectively businesses are navigating this pivotal challenge. 

Value-driven retailers have set the benchmark, prompting much of the market to follow suit. In the food sector, the two market leaders prominently feature Aldi in their advertising, positioning it as the gold standard for value. In the clothing industry, companies like M&S and most mid-tier brands have engaged in price wars, believing that lowering prices is essential to maintaining their market share. However, the drawback of aggressive price reductions is that, unless they lead to a substantial increase in sales volumes, it may necessitate cost-cutting and possibly affect product quality. 

Inflation, while abating, remains a significant factor in the retail landscape. Unfortunately, for many retailers, reevaluating prices has become a mechanistic exercise, often involving a straightforward percentage reduction, without considering the varying sensitivities across their product offerings. Only one player can hold the title of the cheapest option at any given moment, which is why a compelling value proposition, extending beyond mere affordability, is vital. It must be fiercely defended in the fiercely competitive market. 

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Potential risks of price wars and how to avoid them: 

The sector poses an exceptional challenge. Amidst overcapacity, retailers must grasp their market position and have confidence in the value they provide to persuade their customers.

In an era marked by hasty cost-cutting measures, they should be ready to invest in preserving their pricing strategy. It calls for a more sophisticated approach to pricing, delving into product-specific details to optimise their competitiveness at the SKU level.

Here at Thought Provoking Consulting, our data science practice offers invaluable advice to retailers and their suppliers, emphasising the need to establish and sustain a well-defined price position. If this resonates with your needs, we invite you to reach out for an informal conversation to explore how we can assist you in this complex retail environment. 



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