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How service augmentation provides on-demand skills

The past few years have posed unprecedented challenges for retail businesses, many of which made staff cuts in the hope of surviving the pandemic. In the post-pandemic world, the need to build internal resources back up is hindered by much smaller budgets for internal investment. It's also the year of the Great Resignation where people are demanding higher pay, better benefits, and greater flexibility from workplaces, or changing careers altogether.

So, how can retailers access the specialty resources they need to progress key initiatives without the burden or expense of the traditional recruitment process? Outsourcing teams is one option but your business may require a more flexible approach. Service augmentation provides in-demand skills, on-demand - here are 4 key benefits of service augmentation and how it differs from traditional outsourcing.

Stay in control

Unlike outsourcing which relies on vendors managing their own teams, service augmentation hires become an extension of your in-house team and follow your company's internal regulations and processes. This makes it far easier to manage the quality and efficiency of the work they deliver.

Expect high-quality work

Outsourced staff are typically driven by specific deliverables and their work standards may not align with your expectations. On the other hand, service augmentation hires are driven by the standards you establish. They collaborate closely with your in-house team, bridging the gap between the skillsets you need and the ones you already have. Our hires also come with the full backing of TPC including our assets, our knowledge base, our toolkits, and the support of our subject matter experts.

See benefits immediately

For outsourcing teams to get started, all project documentation detailing fixed deliverables, project timelines, and contracts must be completed beforehand. However, service augmentation hires can begin work straight away and flex priorities and deliverables, providing your team with immediate support and access to the essential skills you require.

Leverage skillsets on-demand

Whilst outsourced teams work on a fixed timeline with rigid deliverables, service augmentation hires provide you with valuable skills on demand. This flexible approach means you only use their expertise when you need it, allowing you to grow your team and their skills as a project evolves.

Retail has plenty of challenges still to face, so the need for strong, highly skilled teams has never been greater. Businesses must learn to adjust to a new way of working that supports a more flexible approach to accessing resources and talent.

At TPC, we have built a vast network of experts whose approach is powered by proven TPC methodology and years of industry experience. Our service augmentation offer connects you to leading specialists across product development, planning, merchandising operations, supply chain and sustainability, and delivery experts in program, project, and change management. Get in touch via our website to learn more!



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