Training in 3D Create 

Paving the Path for 3D 
Learning 3D digital is more than understanding how to use a tool or piece of software. It is about how to use the tool in context to your business process and, specifically, your role. 
The first question we are asked at the beginning, and during, the 3D digital journey is, “What is in it for me and how does this apply to my job?” 



Our Offerings
TPC offers a suite of training solutions for retail organisations looking to invest in their employees' 3D Digital skills. Our range caters for a variety of needs, with tailored prior knowledge and duration requirements.

Personalized Training

A two week customized training created for your organization to help you understand how the tool can be used in your business process and function.  
You may be at any of several stages, be it entry, intermediate, and advanced.  This is absolutely fine; we can customize it to your requirements and guide you from our experience. 
Location: Remote | Duration: 2 weeks 
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


Digital Standards Course

Standard business processes are challenging to put in place for many organizations. In preparation for 3D digital product creation, it is important to begin creating a set of digital standards across many portions of the process. This becomes the point of reference for new users and scaling teams. The purpose of the offering is to supply a standard process and materials for consistent results, ease of use, and navigation​.
It also provides consistency in creating digital assets, which can then be used throughout your support chain from concept to consumer.

Location: Remote | Duration: Dependant on Scope
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Contact us now to standardize your documentation to help streamline your company's 3D product creation process or develop your own unique training program.